Friday, April 28, 2017


Welcome to Fresh Oil Ministries International


We are an apostolic ministry serving

the Church and her leadership


Apostle:  a groundbreaking pioneer called to train and equip leaders

                                                    equipping believers for work in the ministry through teaching & discipleship

reaching out with refreshing, training and resources for pastors and leaders

ministering hope, salvation and healing

restoring people who have been wounded and broken in their souls and spirits

networking with fellow ministries to make a difference in their community


We are open to the leading of Holy Spirit, operating in prophetic gifts, healings,

deliverances, signs, wonders & miracles as He directs & enables.

Isaiah 55:5 [NASB] declares, “…and nations who know you not will run to you.” 


We have been instructed to go into all the world  [ Matt 28:18-20,  Mk 16:15-18 ]

and preach the Gospel, the Good News of Christ, in every inhabited area, 

using every form of communication,

mode of travel and technology at our disposal. 


Those who pray for, finance and physically assist us

are vital partners to us and those whom we serve.


We praise our Triune God for His power, peace, provision and grace!

We give Him glory, not only for the mighty things He has done and will yet do,

but because He is worthy!